Here are some fun activities that encourage learning at home!


  1. Read together from a variety of sources – expose your children to different ways of writing and thinking
  2. Practice math facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  3. Explore different art forms from writing, music, drawing, etc.
  4. Make every day activities educational – engage your child to skim the paper for things, help you make shopping lists, or dictate recipes. Little things like this build transferable skills that help in a collection of different areas.
  5. Encourage their curiosity.
  6. Motivate with reward, applause, or recognition.
  7. Routines are good – they set boundaries, time limits, schedules, and things to look forward to.
  8. Look up words – don’t let your children remain confused. If they come across words they don’t understand, help them look it up and work through them.
  9. Share family stories and talk regularly.
  10. Go on adventures. Going camping, to museums, or sporting events exposes them to a completely new world of excite to experience.
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