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August 8                                                       Open House 5:30 p.m.

August 12                                                     First Day for Students

September 2                                                Labor Day (No Students)

Sept. 3 – 24                                                 Entertainment Book Fundraiser

September 10                                             LSIC 5:30 pm/PTO 6:30 pm

September 21                                              1stNine Weeks Midterms available on Schoology

September 24                                             Fall Pictures

October 11                                                   First Nine Weeks Ends

October 21                                                   First Nine Weeks Report Cards Distributed

October 23                                                  Professional Learning Day (No Students)

October 28 – November 1                       Fall Book Fair

October 31                                                   Halloween Party

November 11                                              Veteran’s Day (No Students)

November 12                                              Parent/Teacher Conferences (No Students)

November 14                                              Thanksgiving Luncheon (date is subject to change)

November19                                               LSIC 5:30 pm/PTO 6:30 pm

November 25–29                                      Thanksgiving Break (No Students)

December 2-6                                             Star Base Fifth Grade

Dec. 9 – 13                                                   PTO’s Santa’s Workshop

December 11                                               Professional Learning Day (No Students)

December 20                                              End of First Semester

December 23-January 3                          Christmas Break/New Year’s Holiday

January 6                                                    Second Semester Begins

January 7                                                    Report Cards for First Semester Distributed

January 14                                                  LSIC 5:30 pm/PTO 6:30 pm

January 20                                                 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (No Students)

January 21                                                  Professional Learning Day (No Students)

January 24                                                  Schoolwide Clay Center Field Trip

February 14                                                 Valentine’s Day Party

February 19                                                 Professional Learning Day (No Students)

February 24-28                                          Spring Book Fair

March 6                                                        End of Nine Weeks

March 9-13                                                  Spring Break

March 16                                                      Fourth Nine Weeks Begins

March 17                                                      Third None Weeks Report Cards Distributed

LSIC 5:30 pm/PTO 6:30 pm

April 9                                                          Professional Learning Day (No Students)

April 10                                                        OS Day (No Students)

April 14                                                        Spring/Class Pictures

LSIC 5:30 pm/PTO 6:30 pm

May 12                                                          Primary Election (No Students)

May 25                                                          Memorial Day (No School)

May 26                                                          Last Day Students/Report Cards Distributed


Notes: 1) Additional activities/events will be scheduled (e.g., Dates for Title I family events will be communicated the first month of school. This allows time for the newly appointed principal to plan with the staff. 2) Dates and events, including the last day for students, are subject to change due to unforeseen school cancellations.